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 Plants start their lives as tiny seeds. Seeds can be as tiny as a grain of side or bigger than a fingernail. Some are round, while others are flat or tear-shaped. Inside a seed is an embryo, which is a tiny plant. 

Fun Facts about Reproduction of Plants for Kids

  • All seeds need moisture, oxygen and the right temperature to germinate, or grow. 
  • Some seeds need light to germinate. Others need darkness.
  • Some plants, like ferns, don’t produce seeds. They make spores. Look under the leaves and you’ll see rows of tiny round spores. These drop off the plant and eventually make new plants.
  • Some seeds are carried to new places by the wind.
  • Seeds don’t grow well if they land right underneath the parent plant. There’s not enough light, water or nutrients here.
How a Seed Grows Image
Some activities you should try...

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